Welcome to the Sailingchile website!

This website pursues several objectives which are loosely related to each other, but have one common theme: sailing on the Pacific Ocean in Chile in a small sailboat solo. This is (not yet!) about extreme sailing, but about the beauty of sailing.

On the one hand, I believe that Chilean landscapes as seen from the sea and Chilean waters present one of the most beautiful places on earth, and there is very little awareness of this beauty in the sailing world in part due to the lack of information on sailing in Chile and in part due to its remoteness. It is not a tropical post-card paradise, but a very stern and unforgiving environment, the beauty of which consists in the strangeness and extremeness and abundant wildlife. So one of the main objectives is to promote this awareness and maybe entice more sailing visitors to Chile.

Next thing I will present some practical sailing information from my not-so-vast sailing experience here in Chile (as of April 2015 2000 nm and 40 days on water). I hope that with time I will be able to expand this experience much further. This practical information will consist of one section where concrete tips and recommendations will be gathered, and another section which will describe concrete sailing trips I have done so far (2014-2015) both on the Pacific and some inland lake navigation in a rubber dingy (do not worry, nothing trite, only places like a volcano crater lake at 2500 meters above sea level or similar stuff).

Finally, there is a personal story of modifying the least suitable sailboat for the Pacific - a 1974 Catalina 22. My idea is to describe in detail what and how I have changed in the original Catalina to be able to sail it safely, and this may help those who do DIY building or modifying of the sailboats. This sailboat is always sailed solo.

Choros Island.
Fishing boat sets out into the sunset.
A Rock Near Ramuntcho.
Floating Ice.
Glacier Dwarfing.
Bird Life.
Floating Ice.